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river basin in tamil

November 19, 2020 . Follow me on Twitter My Tweets SANDRP is amongst Top 50 Water Blogs of 2013 Recent Posts. right. This area is drained by the tributary Nirar, which is diverted to Tamil Nadu as a part of inter-state Parambikulam-Aliyar Project (PAP) agreement. The major part of basin is covered with agricultural land accounting to 66.21% of the total area and 4.09% of the basin is covered by water bodies. Open-source products offer a technology evolution path and help avoid risks in technology projects. Find more Tamil words at! Open source products protect against technology obsolescence. International Journal of Geomatics and Geosciences, 1(4): 914-931. Assessment of Ground Water Quality in Paravanar River Sub-Basin, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, India. Cauvery Basin: River Cauvery is a major river in Tamil Nadu and drains more than one third of the State. The basin spreads over 33 parliamentary constituencies (2009) comprising 18 of Tamil Nadu, 11 of Karnataka, 3 of Kerala and 1 of Puducherry. The river drains into the Bay of Bengal. For hydrological studies, they are grouped into 17 river basins. Authored By: Posted By: Posted Date: Wed, 2009-08-12 14:51. Ganga River basin is a part of the composi te Ganga-Brahmaputra-Meghna basin. Nanganji River Basin is one of the least studied seasonal river basins in India which carry substantial flows during the monsoon period. Information about River Basin in the free online Tamil dictionary. Click here. River Basins Map of Tamil Nadu. Shankar, K., Aravindan, S. and Rajendran, S. (2011c). Among the 17 basins Cauvery river basin is the wider one. River basin definition: A river basin is the area of land from which all the water flows into a particular river. The basin lies in China, Nepal, India and Bangladesh and drains over an area of 10.86 million Sq. Tamil Translations of River Basin. river basin - tamil meaning of ஆற்றுப் பெருநிலம். Tamil words for river include ஆறு and நதி. Most of the rivers which drain Tamil Nadu originate from uplands Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats. Spatial distribution of groundwater quality in Paravanar river sub basin, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. Km (10,86,000 Sq. The area belonging to Tamil Nadu in the Periyar basin is located far down the river from the Mullaperiyar Dam site. Meaning of River Basin. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples In this study, morphometry of Nanganji River Basin, located in the central Tamil Nadu prairies, has been studied using remote sensing and GIS. Vaigai Basin Introduction There are 34 river basins in Tamil Nadu. Thanks for using this online dictionary, we have been helping millions of people improve their use of the TAMIL … All Articles. Vaigai river basin covers an area of about 7009.13 and hilly area extends to 2,101.68 and located in … Paddy farming in times of climate change – field notes January 14, 2021; DRP NB 11 Jan. 2021: Big question marks over viability of Ganga waterway January 11, 2021; Wetlands 2020: Positive Developments January 6, 2021; Maharashtra Wetlands Overview 2020 January 5, 2021; DRP NB 4 Jan 2021: … River Basins of Tamil Nadu. Definition of River Basin in the Online Tamil Dictionary. The Vaigai River basin is one of them.

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