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sharply in a sentence

He found it necessary to think clearly and define sharply; but Athanasius found it necessary to believe in a divine redemption. The town, with its Perpendicular church and its picturesque market-cross, lies below the south-western face of the Mendip Hills, which rise sharply from 600 to Soo ft. The foot is very large and powerful; it can be protruded from the anterior aperture between the mantle edges, and its outer part is bent sharply forwards and terminates in a point. Related words - sharply synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. The north temperate region is more sharply separated from the other two than the south temperate region from the tropical. Henry was sharply criticized for his ingratitude to Anselm (q.v. criticisereen Party's leading prospective candidate for the Assembly, Martyn Shrewsbury, today sharply criticized UKIP for its " disingenuous " action. : It stood in sharp contrast to the gaudiness of the other temples we had visited. stun grenades exploded, he was grabbed sharply by the arm. On the European-African side the descending movement is more marked, partly because the coast-line is much more irregular and the northward current is deflected against it by the earth's rotation, and partly because of the outflow of salt water from the Mediterranean; here the movement is traceable to at least 1000 fathoms. A small part of the main line of the Chilterns is included in the south of the county, the hills rising sharply from the lowland to bare heights exceeding 600 ft. "No one is staying with me," she answered sharply, and then realized she had revealed she was alone. Jackson's first blow fell on part of Fremont's corps, which was sharply attacked and driven into the mountains (McDowell, May 8). As few substances are absolutely identical in action, but only broadly similar, it is often difficult to divide sharply one group from another. "Father, I'd rather—" "No," he said sharply. It is produced in the adrenal gland, and production of this hormone drops sharply as people age. Canada also veered sharply to the right during the eighties. If then we place these groups in a single class, it is not on account of a few anomalous genera, but because the characters set forth above sharply distinguish them from all other echinoderms, and because we have good reason to believe that the ophiurans did not arise independently but have descended from primitive starfish. Translate sharply into Spanish. This decision was subsequently sharply criticized by Clinton as unmilitary, and as having been made contrary to his instructions. But the consistency of his conduct, especially in voting for Prince Louis Napoleon as president, was often and sharply criticized, one of the criticisms leading to a duel with a fellow-deputy, Bixio. Glancing up sharply, she studied his response as she spoke. The work of the revisers has been sharply criticized from the standpoint of specialists in New Testament Greek. ; After two hours sharp riding we came to a little river that flows into the sea. on the Elbe, running then east some miles to the north of that parallel, and finally turning sharply towards the south-west on the Warthe. This takes account of - (I) the ArcticAlpine zone, including all the vegetation of the region bordering on perpetual snow; (2) the Boreal zone, including the temperate lands of North America, Europe and Asia, all of which are substantially alike in botanical character; (3) the Tropical zone, divided sharply into (a) the tropical zone of the New World, and (b) the tropical zone of the Old World, the forms of which differ in a significant degree; (4) the Austral zone, comprising all continental land south of the equator, and sharply divided into three regions the floras of which are strikingly distinct - (a) South American, (b) South African and (c) Australian; (5) the Oceanic, comprising all oceanic islands, the flora of which consists exclusively of forms whose seeds could be drifted undestroyed by ocean currents or carried by birds. Puma's golf apparel tends towards the classic and that is most true with the shorts, all of which are the same walking length and sharply tailored so that you look your best. 141. She stopped, sucking her breath in sharply and glanced around. Tertiary Systems.The formations of the sevefl Tertiary peripds have many points of similarity, but in some respects they are sharply differentiated one from another. 92. Sharply quotes from YourDictionary: Today we're dumping 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the environment, and tomorrow we will dump more, and there is no effective worldwide response. Fertility starts declining during the 20s, and sharply drops after age 35. It caught her by surprise and she glanced up at him sharply. 100 examples: The sharply delineated but superficial attachment to the equine caecum by the… The number increases sharply at puberty, with 70-90 percent of teens developing the disease. He was the twelfhynde man of the laws, sharply divided from the twyhynde man or ceorl. The definition of Sharply is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. The sub-region is probably sharply cut off from the Intermediate. After 5.00pm, activity falls off sharply and becomes minimal between 8.00pm and 8.00am. The human type is always very brachycephalic, with brow receding sharply and long nose making almost one line with the sloping forehead. " Evidences of shallow water conditions arc abundant; very frequently on the bedding surfaces of sandstones and other rocks we find cracks made by the sun's heat and pittings caused by the showers that fell from the Cambrian sky, and these records of the weather of this remote period are preserved as sharply and clearly as those made only to-day on our tidal reaches. Very powerful simple microscopes have hardly any depth of definition so that in fact only points lying in one plane can be seen sharply with one focusing. Bürger distinguishes quite sharply between modernism, and what he terms the historical avant-garde or, elsewhere, the revolutionary avant-garde. Akhma, over the northern end of which runs a single easy pass (Beilan) to the north-east angle of the Levant coast (Alexandretta), while at the southern end is a gap through which the Orontes turns sharply to the sea. She pushed away from him and caught her breath sharply. Dean asked sharply, tired of Weller's game playing. When detached clouds are drifting rapidly across the sun, we often see the shadows of the bars of the window on the walls or floor suddenly shifted by an inch or two, and for a moment very much more sharply defined. Towards the Fossa Magna the folds bend sharply round until they are nearly parallel to the Fossa itself. The edges of the cut along the hair line may be sharply defined or left with a natural definition. of the Elbfall, the latter stream unites with the steep torrential Weisswasser at Madelstegbaude, at an altitude of 2230 ft., and thereafter the united stream of the Elbe pursues a southerly course, emerging from the mountain glens at Hohenelbe (1495 ft.), and continuing on at a soberer pace to Pardubitz, where it turns sharply to the west, and at Kolin (73 o ft.), some 27 m. If absorption be not complete the mass undergoes caseation and becomes surrounded by a capsule of fibrous tissue - being sharply cut off from the healthy tissue. 84. Pronunciation of sharply with 2 audio pronunciations, 30 synonyms, 15 translations, 16 sentences and more for sharply. He glanced up sharply, his lips thinning down and his face paling. The wound opened again and the salt he threw into it drew a sharp response from her. The order thus defined (see Giesbrecht and Schmeil, Das Tierreich, 1898), with far over a thousand species (Hansen, 1900), embraces forms of extreme diversity, although, when species are known in all their phases and both sexes, they constantly tend to prove that there are no sharply dividing lines between the free-living, the semi-parasitic, and those which in adult life are wholly parasitic and then sometimes grotesquely unlike the normal standard.

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