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dark souls 2 spear build pve

This build is focused around the crypt blacksword. You need around 30vigor 25endurance and like 25vitality, Basically, This is a PvE Build that is meant to challenge experienced Players. This character is meant to keep evolving until NG+ and beyond - it's a challenge build after all. You get both the Holy Water Urns and Targray's Breastplate from Blue Sentinel Targray. Offensive Tools (Weapons/Catalysts - in detail): A community dedicated to everything about Dark Souls 2. I love you all and PEACE DAWGSTAS! They are defined by their long range and swift attack speed. Your progress should bring you the forest of the fallen giants. You might need to rest at the bonfire just next to him. so pick one of the weapons and power stance. If you dislike then please continue scrolling down. This is just a simple cosplay that I came up with, it's something I do for fun and it was TONS of fun. Since this build requires some dedication and time to master, it is recommended you begin with a Bastard sword and a large leather shield if you are not used to tanking. Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all. It's an awesome light shield and sounds like a bell when you block. Blacksteel has good scaling in dexterity if you use all top row infusions and bleed. I personally swap between a Grand Lance, a Stone Twinblade, and a Greatsword. I use the, Primary Weapons: Mace, Idol's Bell [Replace both with Mace of Insolent once acquired], Rings: Ring of Thorns, Soldier's Ring, Dragon Ring [best one you have], Ring of Blades, Belt Items: Estus Flask, Lifegem, Green Blossom, Holy Water Urn, White Sign Soapstone. This build was made based on my own understanding of the game, stats, mechanics and whatever made sense at the time. Three out of the four pieces of armor can be aquired early on in the game, albeit for Creighton's gear, I recommend trying to finish his Quest Chain if possible [as that is how I acquired it], it's really up to you if you wish to kill him off early. Covenant of Champions for ring(Martial Arts). You will be very squishy and have to dodge but I have had no real issue yet in NG or NG+ and I can just tear apart anything that stands in my way. You also get one of the best staffs in the game for sorc and hexes, it has A sorc and S hexes so you should quickly discard the sorceror staff you started with. These are not set in stone and feel free to change some out to what you feel comfortable with. It’s also massive, broad and has a tapered edge. Faith is at 49 because stat boosting equipment. Rings: Third Dragon Ring, Slumbering Dragon Ring(Or Chloranthy Ring +1 for hard fights), Old Leo Ring, Soldiers Ring +1. I usually switch between Steel Protection, Spell Quartz, Gold Serpent, and other rings depending on the situation. Stats:Vigor - 20Endurance - 10Vitality - 5Attunement - 40Strength - 10Dexterity - 8Adaptability - 8Intelligence - 60Faith - 40. At this point you can basically choose to do whatever you want. Pyromancies: Many enemies are weak to fire. Diamond_Shark12. What are some suggestions? The lighting spears avg 700-900 dmg per hit and can bring down most enemies in 1-2 hits. If you get the old whip, great. These can all varry based on you style. Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls. I hope I'm allowed to make a new wiki page for these builds to clean the clutter they make in their description. However, registering for an account will allow you to manage your builds, rate builds, etc. This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls. Great Lightning Spear x2 (PvE) -or- Sun Spear (PvP) Dark Orb x2 (PvE) -or- Resonant Soul (PvP) Scraps of Life Dark Fog Dark Storm Soul Greatsword (If you have the slots, depends on whether you got the +2 southern ritual band) Tips. Optimelee sl1. Fury Of Fire. Pretty balanced build. )RingsChloranthy +1/+23rd Dragon RingLife ring +2Ring of Blades +1/+2Optional RingsSouthern Ritual band +2 (For additional spell sluts)Life protection (For adventuring in scary places! This is my general build and is pretty good at beating the game.Stats: Soul level - 125Soul Memory - 1382152VGR - 20END - 20VIT - 12ATN - 25STR - 30DEX - 13ADP - 4INT - 4FTH - 56, Current gear:Main hand weapon - Lightning Claymore+7, Binoculars (yes, they allow you to aim spells like you aim the bow)Left hand weapon - Idols chime, Dark pyromancy flame, Drangleic shieldHead - Saints HoodBody - Knight Armor +5Hands - Jesters Gloves +5 (for souls)Legs - Knights leggings +5Ring 1 - Sun Seal (miracle dmg +5%)Ring 2 - Ring of prayer (FTH+5)Ring 3 - Clear bluestone ring+1 (spellcast speed)Ring 4 - Ring of blades (PHY ATK+), Spells Set:Great HealLightning Spear x2Great lightning SpearPoison Mist. If you don't want to increase your soul memory use agape ring or use chlornthy ring +2 for fast attacks. Create a wiki page with your build name and add the info/links. Infuse with lightning for even more damage. This build will take you through NG and NG+ and beyond. PvE stands for Player versus Environment. Elite Knight Set (for heavier more stable armor). Yo, would by progressing past where you first found Licia and into, but you will also find the Pyromancer flame. A Cleric/Hex based version of the mystic knight. Up your dex/str (Dex first, until 20, then strength til 7. And since it has no scaling you'll invest less stat points on str and dex. Suitable for NG+ and against bosses. Built for Tanking heavy enemies like Ruin sentinels and other high poise enemies. Although you could probably get the minimum requirements around 160, but it's not like it would be near to being OP at all. The 20 int/faith are for resistances, attunement/agility are for iframes. This is a 25%; parry focused build, which means it'll take a bit of practice to get down, however the rapier and dagger blend nicely, giving you a few more parry frames and great riposte damage, I havent been able to test it in PVP but my guess is it would slap. thus making you able to cast all four different spell types from this point forward. As the name suggests this was a build based around the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. This build needs the magic and range support that spells provide, along with the extra damage output the buffs provide, and, since the build has three pieces equipment capable of casting and the pyro flame, it's pretty easy to accomplish this. An extremely effective PVP build but versatile in PVE as well. This swordsman is a reference to the Pardoners of Velka. This class should stay at a range and use ranged spells, and bows, until the player deems it right to go in and attack with melee, This build focus's more on poison and watching your opponent's health slowly dwindle down, This is not a beginner build. The armor i use is to look like a complete badass, I use warlock mask, red lion worrior cape, engaved gauntlets(i like to be lucky), and Flying feline boots (i like to jump off cliffs). Ringed Knight Spear is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. It is a hunting weapon from the gods that provides close to 600 damage. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. play with a focus on winning boss battles and overcoming regular enemies. Stone Ring=Stun Lock. Feb 07, 2018 Rated 4. Get 13 ATN for the spell slots for Great Magic Weapon. Instead of following my usual obsession with swords, I want to use some sort of long reach weapon. ), Miracles: Best to use Heal and Lightning as soon as you can. Be it PVP or PVE, you will need stats mix to dominate your enemies in the game and that is where Dark Souls 2 character builds guide helps you by laying the foundation to build … Not very good for PVP, A High poise, High endurance build that buffs its shield and sword to soak up massive damage and deal good damage. When fighting new enemies circle them until I have memorized their movements and then harass their careless movements while avoiding more lethal attacks. This build focuses on using fast attacks, dodges, stunlock, bleed, and poison. I maxed Faraam's for my medium armor and went with a mix of what looked good for my light armor. (Faint Stone). (Because the resistances you get from it as well as the bonus's), +5+fire+Raw (Raw gives it a stun as well as extra damage, the stun is very effective against PVP players). Not only are these great early spells but having different dmg types. Wears the Imported set, which is given to you at the beginning of the game. Keep them as backup. and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style. With the help of the Blue, Gold, and White Phantoms, those you save, your skill, and pure luck, you will conquer all that stands before you. I have used the great sword and I think it’s meh. A High Stability, High poise, medium roll character wielding a Zweihander, and A Golden Falcon Shield. Mace of the Insolent: No. Soul Level: 170Vigor: 20 (soft cap)Endurance: 20 (soft cap)Vitality: 8 (not needed with Saint's Set)Attunement: 50 (spell uses and casting time)Strength: 16 (equip Drangleic Shield)Dexterity: 14 (equip Jester's Gloves for souls boost)Adaptability: 5 (not needed)Intelligence: 40 (to cast soul spear)Faith: 50 (improves the Heide Knight Sword). keep the mace when you start as a Cleric (due to it being one of the most powerful starting weapons) use any chime of your choice(best one on hand) and a shield with 90-100% physical protection. Using simple sorceries like Soul Arrow while zooming in with the Binoculars, you can land critical hits before the enemy even knows you're there! White Mage BuilPriestess Set (+1 FTH from Headpiece) (6.8 wtRH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt), LH: Idol's Chime/Dragon's Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt). VGR : 37 *can go higher if you want, more hp always more better*, END : 20 *No point going any higher, only give 1 stamina after 20*, VIT : 30 *Enough for Heavy Great Sword and Decent Armor*, ATN : 13 *can go 16 if you want 3 slots, 2 Slot is enough for me*, STR : 40 *can go higher. A Powerful Tank/Cleric designed to deal good damage and soak up damage from bosses. It has a really nice melee damage and you can use the shield to stop those hard hitting enemies, like the drakekeepers. Vitality: Depends on if you want to use heavier equipment or not. Your aim is then to get INT 20 and FTH 20. Since the beginning of the game, many enemies have extensive health and cause significant damage at the same time. its a end game pve build that can do about 850 damage (50 int faith str agi) with lorians greatsword + some deadly spells (sunlight spear and crystal soul spear) you can add onyx blade or morion blade (if you are low at int and faith) for second weapon. With the flame weapon buff, this build is also effective in PVP in the right hands, although I use the Pilgrims of Dark covenant and thus mainly get my PVP through being invaded. The unbuffed dark katana does very good damage thanks to the int/faith/dex scaling, but when buffed with Resonant Weapon it becomes extremely lethal.Use running R1 attacks to first strike followed by quick R1 follow ups. I have found magic builds (hex, sorcery, etc.) This build can handle just about any threat... the hammer does OP damage on bosses, the pike does safe AOE on random mobs, and the avelyn is a strong ranged attack. You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. Having a Hard time with Dex in PvE? i been using this build for a very long time. With that you will be able to take hits just fine while having good damage and fast casting speed. The only downside to this class is that it uses a lot of carry weight. For both Str and Dex, choose the minimum stats to equip the bow/crossbow of your choice and to be able to dual wield with the any one weapon of your choice and with Blue Flame and Mace of the Insolent. For help on creating your own build, see the Character Building Tutorial page. There is TEN Intelligence as I found that, early on, having the Hex Resonant Soul was very helpful in some early bosses [Scorpioness Najka and The Rotten for example] due to the fact you really don't want to try and tank those two until you have more heavily upgraded gear. Dragonslayer Spear: A good weapon ONLY if you have a specific build, this is not the build. Instead of following my usual obsession with swords, I want to use some sort of long reach weapon. start with Deprived since that is the only character starting at SL1. Dragonslayer Spear. It is not the strongest build I made but I found it pretty fun and, still, pretty strong. This page features character builds made to tackle Solo or co-op play with a focus on winning boss battles and overcoming regular enemies. The Sunlight paladins carry on the exiled god's way, intervening in the gross incandescence that is the curse of the Undead. Yuria of Londor Build, PVE/PVP. Anything (I usually choose healing wares or human effigy), This Class was my First and Last. You will want to give up. Mattik. I usually carry all 4 dmg types on me to check the areas weakness and then switch to that specific dmg type. These stats reflect the build using the Scythe of Nahr Alma: adapt it as necessary for use with either of the alternative weapons. It can probably be used effectively in PVP too. You need the DLC crown of the old iron king, and a helpful friend who will give you his Majestic greatsword as well. Had a difficult time playing the game with a pure Strength build so switched to Faith + Intelligence and never looked back! If the the enemy is not a careless fighter (very few openings) use a bow to harass from afar until the enemy is provoked into attacking. Generally 2hands Longsword, But can switch to the Parma when needing to block. Total Weight: 14.3/14.8 wt Stats Soul Level: 130 Vigor: 28 Endurance: 20 Vitality: 8 Attunement: 50 Strength: 12 Dexterity: 5 Adaptability: 10 Intelligence: 4 Faith: 46 (52 with gear) Values Attunement Slots: 11 (with ring) Max Equip Load: 14.3(.8)/50.5 (< 30%) HP: 1014 Stamina: 120 Magic Great Heal (5 casts, 1 ATT) Soothing Sunlight (5 casts, 2 ATT) Caressing Prayer (7 casts, 1 ATT) Emit Force (12 casts, 1 ATT) Great Lightning Spear (12 casts, 1 ATT) Soul Appease (6 casts, 1 ATT) Sacred Oath (5 casts, 4 ATT). When you have arrived in the endgame get the, s: Take what ever Rings you prefer, although i suggest using the, : Use what you feel comfortable with. Starting out, after you get your gear, the first thing you MUST do is blast through the 1st fog gate in the tutorial area. Gargoyle must be used on a pyro/dark build. The game is exponentially easier if you can build your intelligence enough to cast the Soul Spear once you rescue Big Hat Logan from Sen's Fortress. this is a very heavy Dark base build feel free to change it up to your liking. The swords you start with both scale on those stats, the scimitar's got a higher dex bonus), those are really the stats you need for the beginning of the game. The lack of adaptability makes the use of the shield really important. Speedy knightly cleric with a tad of pyromancy. I recommend saving killing off Targray until you either get max rank in that covenant, due to a few nifty high level Miracles, or are comfortable spending the souls to summon him from his grave. Santier's Spear with raw infusion. I had a lot of fun with the mastodon halberd but I despised how it has a sweet spot. )SpellsResonant Weapons(must have! All rights reserved. Go straight to Iron Keep farm Katanas, use Uchigatana until black steel is max out or for single enemies that are fast. with Fire resistance (Most PVPers go for a Fire Imbune so I recommend trying to get your RES up for that. Dark Souls 2: The 5 Best Miracles In The Game (& 5 Worst) Miracles can be a useful skill to get through some of the more challenging areas of Dark Souls 2. The Lightning Blade is a focus on Strength and Faith enabling you to deal great damage in both ranged and melee situations, it isn't a defensive class in the slightest we're all about dealing the damage. After that patch spears got a major boost in damage and are viable in pvp again! You want to run a strong Glass Cannon who wrecks bosses and kills players in 1-5 shots depending on the magic used?Can you roll through most attacks but will sometimes need a shield to block some attacks? (mostly dex and other stats). If players have Poison Imbune, you can use your Dragons charm to defeat the poison. For a step-by-step walkthrough to creating a Magic Build see the Magic User Guide. PVE builds for Dark Souls 2 are showcased in this page. PvE tactics for this build are fairly straightforward. I never played Dark Souls 1 and I started playing Dark Souls 2 with the release of Scholar of the First Sin, however with this build I beat the game. Last updated on November 22nd, 2020. Blue Flame. First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer. Note: You do not need an account to save a build. The upgraded mace and Great Lightning Spear miracle give it enough of an offense to hold its own should trouble arise, but it is best played with coordinated co-op. Good even for NG+ For this build is mostly for in game and offline play mostly. I recommend killing The Urns are a good item to have off-hand as they seem to do incredible amounts of damage towards Hollow enemies along with bosses. Note that this build is definitely up for debate and definitely can be molded to better fit your playstyle, but must stick to the general parameters. This build will not be easy. a well balanced build use it if you want to be able to cast pyromancy spells and still be able to wield all weapons, Join Heirs of the Sun asap and enjoy playing god (originally PvE but also rocks in PvP it seems). Dump all your extra points into endurance. However, I have also found that, for me, the true joy of dark souls lies in melee, in dodging and rolling and slashing up close. I'm looking for a low level build for using these. For other uses, see Spearsand Spears (Dark Souls III). Use Dark Orbs and Dark Fog with an upgraded Black Witch's Staff or Sunset Staff to beat most bosses easily! Only uses I can find for it now is to make the longsword somewhat viable trading some damage for its moveset, and of course on avelyn even though that was previously nerfed. )Stats (at beast): Vig: 16End: 20Vit: 20Str: 28Dex: 280Armor :Helm: Alonne knight helmBreastplate: Mad Warrior ArmorGloves: Mad Warrior GlovesLegs: Mad Warrior LeggingsWeapons Right hand:1: Berserker Blade (or any other katana of your licking)2:Alonne Greatbow3:Black Knight HalberdWeapons Left hand:another katana if you swish (Kobe! So these are the items you will want: Still able to find plenty of players in PVE/PVP. Weapons:-Heide knight sword (infuse with boltstone when you can, reduces physical damage but gives extra lightning damage)-Heide knight greatlance (infuse with boltstone, same as Heide knight sword)-Hunters blackbow (use another bow early game)-pyromancy flame (fireball, great fireball, great chaos fireball (NG+2), flame swathe, warmth)Armor:-any armor set you want just as long as you can roll around (preference would be to stay with the imported set just so you have almost no weight)-Heide knight armor set (in NG+ and beyond), Rings:-royal soldiers ring-third dragon ring-ring of steel protection-chloranthy ring(any ring you want really, those rings are helpful for the build but it really is your choice)(In NG+ it's better to get the +2 for these rings)Stats:Priority:1st: Strength and dex for heide knight sword and greatlance2nd: endurance and vitality3rd: when you get pyromancy flame: attunement and faith (for extra damage on pyromancy flame)SL 150:VGR:12END: 20VIT: 20ATT: 45STR: 30DEX: 25ADP: 14INT: 3FTH: 35Extra:-I'd say level up past SL 150 because that extra faith will help you with the extra lightning damage on the sword and lance and the pyromancy flame.-if you level up past SL 150 anything is free game spend points on what you think would be best for you.-this build could take a while to get used to-I use the heide knight sword for battles and the heide knight greatlance for Bosses but hey you do what you want to do.-Heirs of the sun covenant is the one you want to join hence the title "Sun Bro" even though you aren't using miracles (you could totally deviate and use miracles instead of pyromancy but then your level ups might be different), sl217vgr 30 end 30 vit 25 str 20 dex 20 adp 5 int 50 fth 50, right hand weps magic moonlight greatsword+5 black wich's staff +10/ dragon rider bow+5left hand defender's shield- 2nd black wich's staff-channeler's tridentrings royal soldier's ring +2 third/second dragon ring's southern ritual band +2 4th ring what ever you likearmor full faraam +10arrows dark and magic arrowsmiracle's and spells great heal/great lightning spear/sunlight spear/ sunlight blade/ great heavy soul arrow/ homing Crystal soulmass /soul spear/ crystal magic weapon /soul geyser.

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