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first tweet ideas for business

Tweet Early & Often. Ideally tips related to your business – over time, this should help you to gain some momentum as an ‘authority’ and a go-to figure for your industry. NOT ALL TWEET IDEAS THAT WORKED OR WORK FOR BLOGGER “A” WILL WORK FOR YOU! Sherpatax is an amazing free tax tool for Canadians, but you wouldn’t know it from their first tweet! Tweets with images get the most engagement, and for a good reason. Required fields are marked *, Hi, i am Jet, a systems developer, dedicated technology writer & researcher, social media enthusiast and blogger. As every industry goes digital, the market for tech is expanding by 10X. First tweet for an e-commerce business (112 characters): Tweet: Welcome to Awesome – our store is now open! What you need to do is to keep trying different tweet ideas you come across to see which one resonates with your audience. Some of them are perfect for the first tweet, and some can be used to craft your second, third and even fourth tweet. Basically, if you want some fresh ideas for Twitter content, you're in the right place. Feel free to post on the comments section below. Believe me: you won't suck at Twitter if you use these 42 tips for things to tweet. Although, make sure these tweets are relevant to your business. No matter what kind of business you run, there are things for you to tweet about, and some of these things should definitely be included in your first few tweets. No matter how big -- or little -- the goal is to share knowledge in the hopes that innovation begets more innovation. First tweet for freelance writers (98 characters): Tweet: Seems like it’s finally time to spend my lunch break setting up Twitter. Snap a photo of your product. So today, we are going to be talking about the first tweets! This is an excerpt from our new ebook, 100 Inbound Marketing Content Ideas.For more tips like these for your blog and Facebook page, download the ebook here. Entertain your fans by engaging with other Twitter companies that they might follow. Twitter offers a little tour for new users. Try tweeting famous and inspiring quotes every now and then that espouse your organizations’ principles and ideas. Good tweets are super easy when you have a great resource to get your ideas flowing! Much love to our East Coast Comic book cousins – and our first official followers . Arby's Live tweeting is the best (#obvi), and this gem by Arby's demonstrates the power of tweeting during huge live events like the Grammy's. After a, erm, rousing start like that, how could the masses resist? Like anything, variety is the spice of life. First Steps. Encourage your audience to engage with your brand by asking them to weigh in on a topic. Your email address will not be published. Twitter is a really good business building tool and a really good relationship builder, but it’s also very easy to get overwhelmed by it and feel as if the conversation is moving too quickly to follow. Share glimpses from behind the scenes Post a photo of your store, restaurant, studio or office. How do I tweet? You need to outline concrete steps towards getting to know you beyond your Twitter feed. Be responsive to mentions and switch to Direct Messages to resolve complex issues. Take advantage of this fact. In 6 years of running this business (which I kind of fell into whilst escaping my proper job as a primary school teacher!) Feel free to connect! Getting in the popular loops of the Twitterverse is as easy as adding a hashtag. 3. *Unless you mark your profile as private, which we do not recommend for business accounts. Why not do a speed round where you (or your entire team) come up with as many different tweet intros to a specific blogpost as you can. Here are 10 ideas for things to tweet about on a regular basis from Twitter for Small Business: 1) Offer Special Promotions. Engage with people on a personal level and talk about all kinds of things that others may be interested in. In some rare cases, you can even try to win over some “haters” and “bashers” with witty, but tasteful replies to hate tweets. Why you should be on Twitter. Tweet Ideas differ from your type of audience which is the key thing here. However, a funny phrase or some such thing is also helpful. It's also easy to run out of ideas VERY quickly! So let it! In the early stages, you don’t have any baselines as far as how often to tweet or the best times to tweet. Otherwise, they would just be pointless. MORE HOURLY ON-DEMAND no waitlist childcare. Here are 16 ways to bring new life and renewed business purpose to your Twitter efforts. Twitter can be a powerful tool to advance your business’s reach. You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions right now. List business hours to encourage customers to come in. Tweet seemingly useless, but interesting information that relates to your products and organization like company history, milestones, partnerships, etc. The key here is not to be sales-y, but informative and entertaining. This can help your fan base know and discover more about your company. The first tweet ever was from Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. Supply your followers with this useful information and tweet about it! So here are 14 ideas for tweets that might, or might not, work in your business The tour directs you where to click to access the most important parts of the platform like your profile, the settings, and your home feed. It's a great time to be building for previously unaddressed areas. Peek at this Twitter conversation between Old Spice and Taco Bell: Tweet the links to your Facebook, YouTube and Google + accounts or whatever other social media platform you have! Here are 26 Twitter tips for beginners that you’ll wish you knew sooner: 1. Share “behind-the-scenes” content . Please leave a comment below  and feel free to share this post. You can choose to post a video or an image. On Twitter, of course. 11 Tell someone thank you. @strangeadventrz hey dudes yourself! To celebrate, we’re republishing the first Tweet ever (above) plus some interesting Twitter facts: 16% of US Internet users now … Tweet a Link to a Video: This works even better if you’ve written and directed your blockbuster too. By December 31st, 2017, at least 200 billion tweets will have gone out, enough for the entire world’s population to tweet about once every two weeks. Some of them are perfect for the first tweet, and some can be used to craft your second, third and even fourth tweet. Unfortunately, this template is what every new user sees. Your first tweets will not only teach you how to use the platform but also set the stage for your account and pave the way for your first followers and likes. True, you’ll never post a long, insightful blog article on Twitter, or advertise all of your business’s product line in a tweet. But if you are still stuck, not to worry, the team at SMM Headquarters is here for you . How to promote a Tweet on your business account. (Listening always comes first.) Answer their questions and provide them with content they find useful, and … Another great twitter idea in line with creative tweet ideas is creating tweets with advice that’s relevant to your audience. and feel that I have taken charge, rather than feeling like I’m just drifting along. Or, if you prefer, what would you like it to have been? But what makes it really valuable is reaching out into the community and directly touching potential clients. What to Tweet First as a Small Business Owner. Violet has finally joined. Provide a portfolio link so that visitors may see your design work right away. Its format is unique since tweets are limited to 240 characters, there are hashtags to worry about, and everything you post will be public*. 1. My favorite is the age old "Hello World" example from computer programmers and web developers. Billionaire T. Boone Pickens responded that the first billion is even more difficult. Every platform has its own demographics, rules and styles, and knowing which platforms are right for your business is important. Keep trying different tweet ideas till you find what works for you. What a platform, what a journey… The micro-blogging tool, which started as a concept, discussed over Mexican food in a park in San Francisco, has gone on to change the world. The good news is that you can easily revitalize your Twitter experience! Additional Tip: You can type your company’s name in the search bar, and see the tweets that have been posted about you even if you weren’t necessarily “mentioned” in the tweet. Cold Tweet: The Cold Tweet is a strategy that takes it’s name from cold calling. Here are 20 Tweet ideas to bring your Twitter strategy to the next level. Twitter has made connecting with business owners in the same industry so much easier. This will help establish a level of trust and credibility for your company and your products. This is … Here, we’ve compiled some Tweeting ideas for you: Twitter can serve as a perfect low-cost alternative for you to advertise the products and services of your business! Tweet a Twitter Poll . 2. Create your first Twitter List. Holiday hours in our highlights, have a safe and great holidays everyone! When you first join Twitter, it’s great to share other peoples content and your own articles. #coffeelovers. If you decide to include it in a tweet, you can then click on the hashtag and see who else just got started on the platform. There is nothing wrong with tweeting this message, but in all honesty, it is pretty boring and tells the world nothing about you or, most importantly, about your business., The pointers above should give you plenty of ideas about what to tweet! Offer vital information about your business as soon as possible. This could include where you are located or where you operate, your value proposition, what you will be tweeting about, why your clients love you, and more. Sample tweet… Share a smile on camera. Otherwise, they would just be pointless. But here are a few things to try. 42 Things to Tweet When You're COMPLETELY Out of Ideas #1 Tweet about awesome customer service you just received We’ll walk you through two options for creating a Tweet promotion: Quick Promote and the traditional promotion. ( Shel reminds us of this.) Your peers are more likely to engage with you and follow you back at the very start of your Twitter journey. Give advice. If what you do doesn’t quite fit any of the categories below, let us know and we can brainstorm together. Good tweets are super easy when you have a great resource to get your ideas flowing! About five hundred million per day. SEGA Interaction with social media followers is always a potential goldmine for brands, but SEGA really hit the motherlode with this comment (be sure you read the follower's tweet first): 5. 4. Make Google Analytics your Google Ads’ best friend, Quickly add negative keywords to a Google Ads campaign, You Must Be New Here: What to Tweet as Your First Tweet. It would help if these jokes were somehow related to your products. Try participating in trending topics or try to get your own topic to trend that you feel can help your business. What-ever your business is, tweet people’s attention to things, places, people, etc. Tweet Company Announcements: We want to see you. 13 Even happy anniversary (with your company). 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business. Not only that, your audience will find it valuable and – if they like your advice – it’ll help you build trust and loyalty. Let’s first consider the key demographics of Twitter users. This will help establish a personal connection between you and your fans. This is a smart way of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. Take a look at this example from McDonald’s: This will give your fans and customers the feeling that they are being cared for and that you truly value their opinions on your products and services as a company. If your fan mentions you in a Tweet while commending your products/services, use this to your advantage and Retweet it! Build an account and immediate start using Twitter Search to listen for your name, your competitor’s names, words that relate to your space. Twitter is very understanding about you being new, so it kindly provides ideas for you to try with your first tweet. Engaging your community of prospects on Twitter is an essential way to show a human face behind your brand and let your customers know you care about them. Retweet. Share the link to your website for people to learn more. Have any ideas that you feel we missed out on? So what should your first tweet say? We’d love to hear from you! Is your company set to host a big event? #myfirstTweet. 12 Or happy birthday. Impress your Twitter followers by advertising your company’s awards and feats in the industry. Greet your followers a “Good Morning” or a “Happy Holidays” and then casually slip-in an advertisement for your products. Did this article help? Check out this tweet by Samsung giving their followers a tip on how to make use of their smartphone’s camera: Advice on How to Use Your Product Tweet Example. Here’s an example from BMW: Tweeting about the latest happenings and news will show that your company is up-to-date with all the developing trends in your industry and is continually dedicating itself to staying relevant. Here’s the first thing you need to know about Twitter: no one “gets it” in the beginning. This is the perfect opportunity for you to thank your loyal fans who advertise your company on Twitter for you. It’s real, unbiased and impartial advertising done by the people you’re selling to. If you play your cards right, a lot of people might end up participating and end up advertising your products for you. Either an employee or customer. Twitter is 7 years old today. Filed Under: Twitter For Business Tagged With: small business, small business owners, small businesses, tweet About Aaron Aaron is the owner of this social media blog and founder/writer of, a men's fashion blog that shares style & fashion tips for short men . 2. So here you are, finally on Twitter and ready to start sharing all about your great business. So what should your first tweet say? Keep your eyes peeled for post on our Grand Opening date release! We came up with 5 first tweet examples for some (fictitious) small businesses. Graphic design is my life, so I will be sharing lots about that here. Looking for good tweet examples for your Twitter marketing? #6. this is the first time that I have a long term plan (with options!) This tip is particularly important if you’re just getting started with Twitter. First, do not talk business all the time. Simply click the link to tweet! Try having some fun with your fans and followers by tweeting about contests that they can participate in on Twitter. First tweet for a consulting/service business (114 characters): Tweet: We are Consulting Inc and we help other businesses be their most productive day in, day out. First impressions matter on Twitter. Find me on. Browse 24/7 and let us know how we can help! Introduce your business and express excitement about it. If your small business is going to be anything but a needle in a haystack, you’ll need to have something interesting to say. Social Media Horrors: 9 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Brand, Procrastinator’s Guide To Twitter Profile Setup, 3 Benefits of Scheduling Facebook Page Posts & How to Do It, 5 Ways To Effectively Make Use Of Your Time On Social Media, Here’s How You Can Use Time Tracking for Performance Assessment and Reviews, 5 Examples of Recruitment Videos Done Right, 6 Key Hiring Metrics Every Company Should Closely Monitor, 5 Creative Ways to Assess Your Prospective Hires, 6 Tried and Tested Ways to Recruit on a Budget. We are moving into a bigger childcare space at our East location. Some businesses tweet a special offer code or secret word that customers can mention to get a discount when they visit either in person or online. The advice below follows the same focus throughout.POST LAST UPDATED: February 12, 2020ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED: February 28, 2017. Although, make sure these tweets are relevant to your business. Introduce your business and express excitement about it. Anything we missed or could have explained better? Most people know that a “tweet” is a very brief message that can’t exceed 140 characters. Schedule tweets and track your reach with Hootsuite. Want to hear from Katya every month on all things small business marketing and strategy? Come in for the best espresso this side of Don Valley! Your first post on Instagram should give your followers some background into your business and how it can help solve their problem(s). A photo catches immediate attention and helps provide an immediate link between a Twitter account and a business behind it. Twitter Lists are a cool feature provided by Twitter to let users organize the people they follow into specific groups based on industry, relationship, expertise, etc. Make sure your video is … As you can see, both tweet suggestions include a hashtag (#MyFirstTweet). Here are the five things that you could talk about. Technology 10 Things You Should Tweet There's no magic formula for how to use Twitter to promote your business. Try participating in trending topics or try to get your own topic to trend that you feel can help your business. Just like any other social network, Twitter requires a bit of getting used to. Founder of SMM Headquarters, lover of coffee, Telegram chats, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 9 Maybe your first round of tweets shouldn’t be public. 10 Some of your first tweets should be interactions with other tweets. This should be your very first tweet. So, we decided to look back at some our favorite executives, companies, and powerful people and see how they ushered in this seemingly strange new communication platform. This is my cool Twitter tweets swipe file! This is much more likely to get the creative ideas flowing rather than continually sharing the same tweet each time. Frame your Tweet similarly to what Denny’s did with this: The whole point of the social media experience is that it should be fun. First tweet for designers (124 characters): Tweet: Hiya Twitter! Perhaps you can try having them tweet a picture of themselves using one of your products or maybe you can have them caption a photo of one of your merchandise. Feel free to say that you are excited to be on Twitter too! Your company’s probably on Twitter already, right? Give your followers a quick glimpse of how your products are made. First tweet for restaurant/café owners (112 characters): Tweet: We are open for business Mon-Sun 9 am-6 pm. Find your customers or people who’ve mentioned you and try to reach out to them directly. It also invites you to send your first tweet at the end of the tour. What was your first tweet? Most importantly, what to tweet first? positive customer feedback, helpful articles, and ideas that align with your business’s authentic voice. #beytoronto #danfortheast #emergentlearning #childcare Sometimes, giving tips on how to use the products that you sell can often entice customers to realize the usefulness of your product and how much they might need it. Do you have a new product or feature coming out? Now back to writing I go. Try tweeting about it. Please enter your name and email below! Retweeting relevant content and replying to Tweets are great ways to maintain a robust Twitter presence. You can also try tweeting pictures of your products to add some appeal. What do I say? Talk to people about THEIR interests, too. They Tweet, you reply. There you have it! Twitter This is Michael Dell's inspiring tweet on how he started his computer company with only $1,000. 1. Ideas, ideas, ideas. (Thankfully, they have tweeted plenty great things since.). Now that you have a Twitter account and a few good tips for your promotion strategy, let’s get started on promoting your first Tweet. First, you need to understand what Twitter can do for you. If not yet, check out this twitter profile setup guide to help you get started. Let us know. Whichever you decide to post, make sure it’s high quality and reflects your brand. A note before we start: I wrote this post with small business owners who might be just starting out with Twitter in mind. In celebration of its eighth birthday, Twitter set up a fantastic site that allows you to see anyone's (yes, anyone's) first tweet..

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