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funny things to tweet to get followers

Add a unique caption that encapsulates the story you’re telling through the images. So, even if you’re looking for different ways to increase Twitter followers, you are at the right place. Out of my mind. You might feature a customer who has earned a certification or other honor related to your industry and because of your online courses and other digital products. To that end, you don’t want to post a boring or lackluster statistic — you want to share something that will capture your audience’s attention. This is your chance to share value with your followers. Others can learn from your failures just as they can learn from your successes. When people take the time to create an image or video that relates to your brand, it means that they find your products particularly valuable. It sends social signals to others, too, that you’re someone who creates worthy products. That would just alienate your audience and result in a negative brand image. Are you customizing your tweets for maximum attention? If there's a lot of interest around the event, you can even tweet photos while you're there. Find 14 ways to publish more creative Twitter updates. For one thing, when you like a tweet, it appears in your list of likes. How can you leverage what you know about human nature and twitter to craft tweets that grab the attention of followers and strangers alike? Instead of sticking to the traditional methods of dispensing knowledge, find new ways to help people understand the concepts or skills you teach them.  Make sure to mention the precise positions that are open for new applicants. I replied to bigger brands. In fact, that's why we have a whole Quotes Section inside the Post Planner app. One of the biggest rules on Twitter is to share value with your audience. Partner with someone else. Either way, these were the 25 funniest tweets we saw this week. This is a great opportunity to show that you care, to gather more information about the problems your customers are having, and to boost engagement. Videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3x more likely than GIFs. Giving away free access to your online course doesn’t cost you anything. Whatever it is, it should be high-quality enough that people are willing to follow you to stay informed and get more. Instagram is arguably one of the most powerful tools for reaching your audience in creative, engaging ways. Competing with that is a challenge. Do you pound four cups of coffee? Keep your followers in the know with what is going on in your business. Did something funny happen to you on your way to work? 5 benefits of having more Twitter followers. Sometimes a little thank you can go a long way! You can tweet interesting history facts, old photos, city news, etc. That way, your followers won’t have to hunt down the post they want to read. Perfect your bio When you can’t think of other things to post on Instagram, recommend something to your audience. Include a photograph that illustrates the tip or trick well. 42 Things To Tweet When You're COMPLETELY Out Of Ideas by @SvitlanaLat on @PostPlanner, 22 Tips for Facebook Cover Photos: Quotes, Sizes & More, What Content To Tweet: All the Twitter Stats, Facts, and Data You Need, How to Use Micro-Influencer Marketing to Get New Customers, The 2018 Twitter Content Strategy That's Easy and Really Works, Tweet a behind-the-scenes shot from your business, Tweet interesting stats from your industry, Use a statistic to promote and complement your content (like we did in the tweet below), expand your content offering and provide variety. Maybe one of your followers isn’t looking for a job, but one of his or her friends would be perfect for the position. Include a link in your profile to your email opt-in form. And as an added benefit -- if you tweet things from this list consistently -- you should see an increase in your retweets and engagement too. So, if you're looking for funny things to tweet, just open up the app, pick a great piece of content, and share! Mornings and afternoons are different when it comes to the type of interaction, though. We all love to share our opinions. So, the process is as easy as pie with Likigram - the same as getting free Instagram likes. Gaining followers on Twitter is a goal of most who use the microblogging service—whether they want to admit it or not. Bizarre, yes, but amusing nonetheless. 2. They’re part of your brand, so repost their Instagram posts to give them signal boosts and to show that you’re united in creativity and knowledge.  You can also ask your followers to share the post with their networks. Who doesn’t love coming up with new hashtags? Asking questions of your audience is a great way to garner engagement from your followers. Brainstorming cool things to post on Instagram can seem like a daunting task, so we’ve done the hard work for you. From the funniest memes to the craziest celeb news, they have it all. This will build brand awareness around your business and get you some extra attention. Consider including your quote not only in your caption, but also on your photo. Just like I write those “I totally love @randombrand!” tweets, I also to reply to questions that big brands like Disney ask. The concept of one’s “why” comes from leadership expert Simon Sinek. Just because someone follows you on Instagram doesn’t mean that he or she also follows your Twitter feed. You have build your business on the knowledge you possess. Your submission has been received! Hand-drawn images often get lots of shares and reposts because others can connect with them. #dogs #puppies #dogcollars Just remember that humor should always be appropriate. Additionally, the event’s hosts or organizers might repost whatever you write to promote the event, which brings even more exposure. Another handy trick is to pay attention to tweets that get the most engagement and retweet them at a different peak hour. I’ll imagine I’ve made myself a #lavish banana split by squeezing chocolate syrup in my mouth then quickly downing a banana #justbeinghonest . are free, and that if you accumulate enough real followers, twitter will curate your tweets at the top of search results and in other places. Then, start reaching out to other people who have more than 1000 followers to collaborate. Statistics always do well on Twitter. Use the caption to add your own unique commentary. You can tweet a photo showing your team in action... or perhaps the process of how your product is made. Don’t forget to mention your Kajabi sales pages, landing pages, and blogs. One of the funniest and most popular comedic voices on Twitter, Parks and Recreation writer Megan Amram knows her way around a one-liner. Consider relating it in some way to your business. You don’t have to appear in the video — a screencast or an audio clip while you film beautiful scenery can work well. Participate in Trending Topics. Stunning view to see each day @kenforresterwines #wine #stellenbosch #southafrica #viewfromoffice @PIWOSA #womeninwine This is a fantastic way to get more engagement and lift up your mood (some of the responses you'll get back will definitely crack you up). #loganmovie #notforkids #wolverine #nospoilers @WolverineMovie @vuecinemas Not to mention that they're super easy to create and share. It’s crucial that you use them on your tweets correctly. The path of least resistance is to click the Tweet This! Best of all, you can repurpose the things you’ve created in Kajabi when you run out of things to post on Instagram. The winner gets a super prize, such as one free month of access to your membership site or free access to your mini-course. Why Buy Twitter Followers? Maybe you’re ready to grow in new ways. You can include the words “link in profile” so your audience knows to check out your profile to get the link. Use each photo to illustrate the step, which will help your followers keep up with you as you complete a goal or process. All the big events, the breaking new stories - you can find them all on Twitter and easily share your opinion on the matter. Just make sure to start your video with a "bang" and keep it short. Ask a question to learn more about your followers, Tweet your opinion of a movie you just watched, Tweet about something funny that happened recently. The more exposure your tweets get the more followers you will pick up in the process. Are you busy getting the kids off to school? Be funny. People who are searching for that event on Instagram might discover your post and begin following you because of your shared interests. Add your own thoughts and insights around the tweet you're sharing and offer additional value. I know that it’s doubtful that they’ll even read the reply, but it’s fun all the same. It’s easy to connect with your followers in the online world, but you can also remind them that you exist in real life. Worse, your engagement will suffer — along with your brand. You can even tweet a photo of the team hanging out. Thank them and let them know you appreciate it. You're not alone - sometimes businesses feel clueless about what to post on Twitter. Likes do a few other things when you like a tweet. We’ve provided you with an all-in-one platform that allows you to create Knowledge Commerce products, promote them to your target audience, and grow your following. Have a great view from your office window? Will you be there? #Kajabi” — Tweet this! The most common type of interaction in the afternoon is in the form of likes and retweets. Choose one product and just one or two benefits at a time. These are a great way to get your followers engaging, tweeting, and sharing. We automatically delete your tweets history for you. Follow @fun_tweets for updates. Whether it's the busy streets and skyscrapers, the sea, or the lush green of the local park, your followers will appreciate a sneak peek! Reposting from your customers’ accounts can be great, but don’t neglect your employees. You don’t have to share photographs of your home or bedroom. You probably use other social channels besides Instagram. Add Visual Interest With Mosaics Mosaics combine multiple photos into one post. © 2011-2021 Post Planner. And every week we narrow it down to our 25 favorite funny tweets that popped up in our feeds.. Now, they might be from this week or they may have been retweets of some very funny tweets from long ago.. People love to win free stuff, and the people who don’t win might buy your digital products after they see how much buzz they’ve generated. Entrepreneurs who want to protect their privacy can work from a local coffee shop or other public space. One of the things you can do is tap into the trending topics. Pin your best tweet at the top of your page. Tweet a one-liner, funny observation, or even a knock-knock joke to lighten your followers’ day. A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove … This is a great opportunity to shine a light on one of your followers... Or show them your appreciation (if they said something great about you or your brand). Which perhaps explains why he has almost 68k followers. If you're very happy with the customer service you just received, tweet about it! This effectively allows you to attract new followers around the clock. It should relate to your Knowledge Commerce business in some way, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. A parade? If you see a tweet you like or want to share you thoughts on - go ahead and start a conversation. Host a contest for the best branded hashtag for your business. Thank you! That's one of the best strategies for Twitter videos. Just make sure you tease it and leave some element of surprise. Tweets can contain up to 280 characters, but being concise is in Twitter’s DNA and it’s good for marketing. This video shows you how you can make a unified list of both your followers and people you follow.

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